A new experiment – filming local arts

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Today, Sunday May 28th ArtLoveMagic partnered with Blue Pill Entertainment to produce the first pair of a new series of video projects. The projects will involve filming local performers, mostly in collaborative performances with other locals.

Our first shoot was a spoken word piece with Konichiwa Zach, regular host of our Art & Coffee shows. We shot outside our office at the Deep Ellum Community Center. K Zach surprised everyone by killing it in two simple takes. This set the tone for a day of fast, efficient shooting.

The second shoot combined the talents of local MC Playdough alongside local percussionists Valenti and Captain Ron Davison. The drummers met Playdough for the first time today, and quickly worked out a drum line for two songs Playdough brought with him. In a short burst of time, we did two performances of each song and got what we needed it. The guys were great, found a rhythm together right away.

The day was blur, and a success. What film project finishes 3 hours ahead of schedule? Ours. The professionalism of director Teddy Cool and his team of Danny Williams and Colin Roy of Blue Pill helped us speed through the process. All of us, involved in this one have been at our crafts for awhile. I proudly believe our experience led to us doing this the right way. When we were done, we were done. We knew we had it and we didn’t waste any excess energy shooting takes we didn’t need.

This project has been a dream of mine for a long time. Valenti reminded me during the shoot that he first heard me talk of doing this more than a year ago. It’s nice to have it come together like this. My grateful thanks to everyone involved. The shoots will take some time to edit, so keep watch for updated information about their respective releases.

We’ve just begun to talk about our next shoot. We’ve got some great ideas.

More soon.

-Michael Lagocki


4 Responses to “A new experiment – filming local arts”

  1. Great idea. Not surprised about the output. Gifted, talented, innovative people get things done right.

  2. […] Pill and Playdough also shot another video the following week in Deep Ellum. That one is part of a very cool experiment that you’ll get to see the results of soon. But this week is all about Ya Heard. Enjoy the […]

  3. […] It’s great to see someone local really going for it, and expressing this much talent. Keep your eyes peeled for a soon-to-be released experiment that artlovemagic and Teddy teamed up for. Check out a sneak of that here. […]

  4. […] a few months back, we told you about the video experiment we were shooting with Blue Pill Entertainment, and some local musicians. Blue Pill is headed by Teddy Cool, a local […]

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