Playdough’s HOTDOGGIN’ on some Dallas Hip Hop

Friday night is going to be a pretty spectacular night of music and painting for the Dallas Hip Hop & Street Art scene. This is the official release party for HOTDOGGIN’ the third full studio album by local MC Playdough. The cd actually dropped online Tuesday and can be streamed live or downloaded here at Playdough’s bandcamp site.

In preparation for the release, we also had Playdough on our live radio show this Friday. DJ Sean P was there backing him up, and we had guest Daniel Katsuk in the studio as well. All three were interviewed and performed live (including a wicked little freestyle challenge that Playdough ripped into). Watch/Listen to the whole episode here.

Friday Night’s event will be no joke. In addition to Playdough and Sean P on stage, there will be sets from Dustin Cavazos, Sivion, and Jaybee, plus over a dozen live artists will be slinging paint. The amazing Just.Us.League will be joining the show as well – they’re a crazy wild art experiment that you’ll definitely want to see. Think 11 artists hitting a giant surface at once in a mad dash to create a 10 ft wide jam piece in under two hours.

Here’s the official facebook page for the event on Friday night at THE GREEN ELEPHANT.

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