Artist Spotlight: Carolyn Collins

Tell me a little bit about yourself..

My name is Carolyn Collins and, though my desire as a youth was to become an architectural designer, I spent most of my adult life in business management/marketing, specializing in project management. After a five year journey to free myself from the corporate 8-5 routine to pursue my true passion, Carolyn Collins Photography finally became my fulltime career in 2010.

As you have grown within your talent, what inspires you to create?

There is no solitary muse in my creative life.

MUSIC is my drug, and it is frequently spinning my imagination and my artistic process into new territories. DANCE and MEDITATION (as well as music) are the most effective creatively transcending experiences for me, giving me deeper understanding of myself, of others and creative projects.

My DREAMS have always been in vivid color. Several times each year, I have slipped back into a profound visual during a waking dream (when it begs to live on) in order to lock in every detail so I can immediately sketch and make notes of this visual message. I just recently was able to recreate/project one such vision through my photography, which forced me to dabble in photographic software (photoshop, picasa, etc.) in order to do justice to the vision. This series will continue with past and future dream messages.

NATURE speaks to me in profound ways, and is my sanctuary. LIGHT of any source (but not just any light) is like a child teasingly begging me to watch and play. I am a light chaser and I dance behind my lens to play with this beckoning light. UNSPOKEN STORIES I see in someone’s face compels me to capture this ‘silent song’ through my lens.

How long have you been producing your craft and why did you begin this form of expression?

I am completely self-taught in photography, which has allowed my art to evolve independently. Before I ever picked up a camera, there was always something about ‘openings’ which drew me near, piqued my curiosity, and gave me a deeper sense of presence which I could not describe in words or music. In 2000 (after I started using a camera to capture these intensely moving moments), extended family and friends pointed out the number of doors, etc. I was ‘wasting film’ on. I began stashing these types of images away in my own private collection (as well as other ‘weird’ shots) leaving the ‘safe/normal’ shots out for open viewing. The more time I spent behind the lens, the more I used my camera as my own personal journal of feelings and enlightenment. My first solo exhibit was in 2005, which I consider the ‘launching’ of my photographic career.

What do you ultimately want to accomplish with your talent?

Photography is my passion. Building bridges is my mission. By ‘building bridges’ I mean offering new visual perspectives… and (more importantly) producing images which prompt meaningful dialogue between viewers who have differing perspectives. I also hope that my own passion will somehow inspire others to pursue their passions and their dreams. I am convinced that our passion is the roadmap we were given to make the biggest difference we can in this world.

Outside of your artistry, what other interests do you have?

As a left/right-brained individual with ADD/OCD, interests I have pursued and/or currently pursue (beyond my photography and writing) would resemble someone else’s “bucket list’. The past two years, I committed myself to learn something new and do something different every day, and make at least one stranger smile each day.

My playful, spontaneous disposition allows me to kick back and enjoy movies at home, live performances (especially music), impromptu surprises and adventures with friends. I also treasure one-on-one time with friends and family.

My desire to explore every sensation to its fullest is why I adore such things as roller coasters (speed and heights in general), cooking, nature, playing and listening to music, viewing/collecting art, giving and receiving massage, and a host of other activities.

My deeply curious nature has made me an avid fan of documentary films, self-help and other non-fiction books. It has also led me to physically exploring anything out of the ordinary – caves, cemeteries, architecture, geological formations, tornadoes and much more.

My desire to understand others and our world is why I thirst for travel on a regular basis, whether a short daytrip on the road with a friend or relative… or half-way around the world for months (solo or with someone). I have only explored a dozen countries and still have a few unexplored states in my own country. Whether working on a foreign archaeological dig, living within in a foreign culture, or discovering a mom-and-pop diner on the side of the road, I learn so much about people… how beautifully different we are and how amazingly connected we are.

What was your first experience with ArtLoveMagic?

My first introduction to ArtLoveMagic was in 2008 when I attended an Art&Coffee. Then *BAM* one thing quickly led to another and suddenly I was exhibiting at (and assisting with the event’s artist layout for) VISION, a gallery exhibit and live art/performance event at Life In Deep Ellum. My favorite part of the whole experience was meeting and working with so many kewl creatives on a single project.

What web address can one go to to view more of what you do?

My official website will launch this year, but I have three completely different glimpses into my photography, my writing, and my artistic process…

How can someone contact you?


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