Our Arts Festival Schedule

Once again, ArtLoveMagic will play a big role in The Deep Ellum Arts Fest (which is this weekend- April 1-3rd). This is one of Dallas’ best weekends. The entire festival is free to attend and ArtLoveMagic will be taking over a large parking lot at Crowdus and Main dedicated to live, local art and music.

You can catch more info on the festival as a whole on their official website- www.deepellumartsfestival.com

While there, make sure you come hang with us at ArtLoveMagic Alley and check out these amazing artists and musicians:

*Note-  we think we have this pretty solid, but times and names are subject to change. Interactive arts aren’t listed here, but there will be hands on art in our section all weekend long.


Visual Artists 5-9pm

Sarah Zamora – Painting

Chris & Hallie Garcia – Painting

Charles Harrison/Travis Lilley – Air Brush/Photography

Conor Muldoon –  Pottery

Friday Musicians

5:00 PM Sarah Gilmore

6:00 PM Erin Gayden

7:00 PM Elle Laporte

8:00 PM Parallel Play

9:00 PM Eric Tipton


Visual Artists 11pm-2:15pm

Sarah Fulk – Jewelry

Ashley Jones – Collage

Eddie Walker – Air Brush

Eliana Miranda – Paint

Ixchel Aguilar – Paint

Visual Artists 2:30-6pm

Riki Johnson & Jenice Johnson – Painting

Ashley Jones – Collage

Eddie Walker – Air Brush

David Rodriguez – Painting

Kelsey Kincannon – Painting/Laser Stencil

Visual Artists 6:30-10pm

Bianca Elise – Painting

Joe Skilz – Spray paint

Luis Torres – Sculpture

Trayce Cochran – Spray paint

Daniel Perez – Painting

Saturday Musicians

12:00 noon – Jake Reeves

1:00 pm – Grant Braudrick Percussionist

2:00 pm – Jeff Nelson

3:00 pm – Zachary Scott Pohl

4:00 pm – Tonite Tonite

5:00 pm – Michael Carrasco

6:00 pm -Poindexter

7:00 pm – Kelly Nygren and possible guest

8:00 pm – Reinventing Jude

9:00 pm – Matt Barron


Visual Artists 11am-2:45pm

Arturo Torres – Painting

Martin Campos – Photography

Brandy Nicole – Painting

Lizzy Fieler – Drawing

Visual Artists 3pm- 6pm

Ghostwerks Comics – Cartoonists

Jen Shu – Photography

Lawrence Alexander – Painting/Comics

Cori Berg – Painting

Sunday Musicians

1:00 pm – Sarah Gilmore

2:00 pm – Sonya Jevette

3:00 pm – Lorynn The Red Head

4:00 pm – Team Islas

5:00 pm – Daniel Katsuk

6:00 pm -Goat/Jackrabbit/Elle

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