“Every Mitsubishi Deserves Its Own Soundtrack” Music Contest

Think you have what it takes to face off in a winner-take-all, battle royale of melodic supremacy? Then tighten those strings, flex those voices, and tune those forks, because Don Herring Mitsubishi is hosting a music contest with a $500 cash prize and the opportunity to be featured in a Don Herring Mitsubishi video!

Here’s What It Is All About:

Don Herring Mitsubishi, in conjunction with ArtLoveMagic, is offering musicians the chance to be exposed to a new fan base by presenting them with the opportunity to feature their music while also promoting both themselves and Mitsubishi.

Here’s How You Enter:

On the Don Herring Mitsubishi Facebook page is the “Like” button, beside that artists will find a tab labeled Music Contest with a form to fill out in order to submit their songs (you can also click on “Music Contest” on the left navigation underneath the “Note” link). Randomly selected submissions will be displayed on the page so that others can listen, promoting your band and bringing in a new audience. This is no small consolation, as increased exposure can lead to great things: just ask the group Dirty Vegas, who became famous, won a Grammy, and now tour all over the world because their song “Days Go By” which was featured in a Mitsubishi commercial.

Here’s How It Works:

Artists are allowed to submit more than one entry, but submitting a song does not necessarily mean that it will be featured on the Facebook page – Don Herring reserves the right to feature certain songs on the page and will do so at their own discretion.

Songs must be radio friendly: any track with explicit content will be immediately disqualified, and the artist will be eliminated from the contest. Other than that, the song can be anything you want, as long as it is original.

Here’s What You Could Win:

The winner will receive $500 courtesy of Don Herring Mitsubishi, along with the kind of exposure money can’t buy as the song will be featured in a future video for Don Herring Mitsubishi. But that’s not all, folks! You will also be featured on the Don Herring Mitsubishi Facebook and blog.

So, get ready and rock out, because this could be the big break you’ve been waiting for!


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