Artist Spotlight: Erin Gayden

Tell me a little bit about yourself..

My name is Erin Gayden.  I am a working musician, solo artist and in the band Parallel Play. I sell guitars at Guitar Center on my time off! Ha!

As you have grown within your talent, what inspires you to create?

Other musicians! I am constantly inspired by my peers and veterans of the craft.  I spend a lot of time during “dry spells” listening to others and going to youtube to see what others like me are doing.

How long have you been producing your craft and why did you begin this form of expression?

Well, I have been playing music for 18 years now. Flute was my first choice but I switched while in college to guitar and I haven’t looked back. I can’t really say for sure why I started playing music. I had to choose an elective in 6th grade and band is what I went with. Staying with it was the only option because I was definatley in love with the feeling of creating.

What do you ultimately want to accomplish with your talent?

A full time living with music. This isn’t about fame. It is about loving what you do.

Outside of your artistry, what other interests do you have?

I’m not sure this counts but I have been building my “at home” recording studio. Outside of music, spending time with my friends and having coffee.

What was your first experience with ArtLoveMagic?

Funny you should ask. I have actually been known to tell this story on occasion from stage. I was introduced by a friend, Luan,  who heard some of my at home recordings on myspace. He suggested I should come play an open mic.  I was a “closet” musician at the time and never played in front of an audience before. The experience blew me away. The applause and support I felt after I completed my 2 song set was more than I ever expected. ARTLOVEMAGIC is one of the reasons I continued to perform.

What web address can one go to to view more of what you do?

You can find me on Facebook under Erin Gayden or Parallel Play.

How can someone contact you?

You can email me at

3 Responses to “Artist Spotlight: Erin Gayden”

  1. Great blog and very interesting .

  2. Danny Ketch Says:

    Hey, I’ve heard Erin play before! I remember because I remember thinking how pretty she was, and she also rocked on the guitar! Really rocked!!! Wow. I’m so glad this was posted!

  3. Charles Islas Says:

    Great spot Erin!

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