During our Underground show on February 12th, 2011, we pioneered our first ever experience for adults- the 21 and up Blue Room. This room was produced as a subsection of Underground, and focused on arts that were made with, or about, the human body.

The experience was amazing, done tastefully, and in an atmosphere full of gorgeous decoration from artist Bianca Elise and the Blue Room team. Fortunately the lovely Dee Hill was there to take plenty of pictures of the event.

The Blue Room was edgy and experimental, something Underground takes pride in. We went to great lengths to make sure this was done the right way. The team was a veteran squad of artlovemagic artists, led by founder Michael Lagocki, and performers and the sights in the room included body painting, figure drawing, live sculpting and painting, dance, and more.

If you were there, thanks for being a part of the first time we tried something new. And thank you to all the Blue Room artists and performers including the Davies brothers, Bianca Elise, Elizabeth Fieler, Travis Rice, Christian and Dehvon Ward, Eliana Miranda, and especially Dee who’s lovely images will allow us to always remember it. We were also lucky to have an incredible crew of models, giving volunteers, and the amazing sounds of DJ Hologram Dagger. The Blue Room was produced by Michael Lagocki.

Based on fan reaction, it’s likely we’ll be creating such an experience again.

You can also read one attendee’s impression of the Blue Room (and see a few more pics) by clicking here to read the Shmidty Says blog.

You can also read our earlier post about why we created the BLUE ROOM idea and what we hoped to accomplish. Success!

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