Artists & Their Taxes

Oh artists.  We love your left brains and your creativity.  We also know that like many of us at ArtLoveMagic, you may have some “issues” when it comes to organization, taking care of your business, and managing your financials.  And oh god – TAXES!  🙂

Some of you may know that ArtLoveMagic has um…ALWAYS needed a little extra help with our business side and just recently, a very talented woman has come to our rescue!  Her name is Bridget Battles, and she can help you, too!

As with buying your art and music from local badasses, purchasing a service like this from someone who’s caring and local makes for a warm fuzzy feeling.  Not to mention brain relief!  Happy Tax Season from your friends at ArtLoveMagic.

Here’s some formal info on Bridget:

Budgeting with Bridget provides over ten (10) years of nonprofit and for profit accounting, budget management, grant research and writing, database management, software configuration and integration, marketing and project management experience. We are the gateway to the tools and resources that ensure businesses are in compliance with contracted goals, while educating them on how to maximize their funding sources’ potential. We also conduct the detailed research needed to help businesses find and seek approval for additional funding.

At Budgeting with Bridget – pay only for the services you need while receiving the quality and care your business deserves. Accounting, Bookkeeping, Tax Prep & Filing for personal and business (For-Profit and Non-Profit) are our specialties. Visit: for details and pricing.

One Response to “Artists & Their Taxes”

  1. Absolutely gravy. Attention to bidniss is most def needed amongst artists. When I actually start making money off my craft, I’ll keep this in mind. Thanks.

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