The cool folks from Bean Pot Toiz came out to Underground and wrote a great blog and photos.
Story and photos by Kaylah Baca
Custom toiz created by Vanessa “NReazon” Velasquez

On Saturday, Feb., 12, dozens of artists from the Dallas-Ft. Worth area assembled to put on a live art show in the Janette Kennedy Gallery at South Side on Lamar (the historic, warehouse style lofts located in the middle of the arts district in Dallas).

The place was packed, hundreds attended, and many guests left with unique artwork.

There was live music featuring local DJ’s, indie-bands, guitarists, rappers, percussion groups and singers.

Local artists drew and painted during the whole show. Underground attendees were able to watch as graffiti artists, body painters and sculptors brought their creations to life.

Bean Pot Toiz was lucky enough to snag a custom IScream toy created on location by artist Cody “Mac IX” Phillips and Scott Higgins (MonsterBot). These guys worked hard and the toy came out awesome!

Also on display, a DIY Tofu that Bean Pot Toiz provided for Phillips, who collaborated with Higgens to create a two-face, diabolical man that makes us super proud of here at BPT!

Underground 2011 was a good time for sure. It’s so refreshing to see local artists with such talent showcase their artwork and skills at events like this one. Plus, BPT loves toiz and there was plenty to be had. 😀

Cody “Mac IX” Phillips and Scott Higgins (MonsterBot)
Cody “Mac IX” Phillips working on the custom IScream toy for Bean Pot Toiz
Custom IScream toiz by artists Mac IX and MonsterBot
Custom IScream toy by artists Mac IX and MonsterBot
Custom Tofu toy by by artists Mac IX and MonsterBot
Crowd shot at Underground 2011
Panorama shot of Underground 2011
Artist Martin Campos working on original artwork
Artist Ashley Jones working on custom
Real Trooper by Ashley Jones
Artist graffiti huge statue of Hulk while people watch
Matt Barron and band perform at Underground 2011
Thanks, Kaylah! Great write up. Folks, if you’re interested in cool, rare, or custom toys, make sure to check out

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