My take on the Underground Gallery

We’re all running a bit too much for me to write a full blog post with images and such, but I just saw the Underground gallery for the first time last night and I wanted to share some thoughts:

The gallery is stunning. David and the Underground team have FILLED the Janette Kennedy gallery from top to bottom with fresh, original, local ART. They’re using every inch of space in there. Hundreds of pieces of every size, shape, and orientation.

The quality is off the chain. Everywhere you look there’s was a new piece by an artist you never heard of before that will drop your jaw. Our finest gallery presentation to date, in my opinion.

The prices are… too low? Let’s just say I was surprised. Normally the best pieces in a show like this are thousands. But a lot of people are going to walk out of there with masterpieces on Saturday night for not that much scratch. My favorite piece in the show, a huge canvas by Hatziel Flores, is listed at $450. A majority of the show is around $200 or under. If you plan to spend any real level of cash in there, you’re going to have your pick of dozens of brilliant, I mean BRILLIANT pieces.

If you’ve ever thought about collecting art, this is a place to start a powerful collection. The quality and prices are better here than I’m used to seeing, and I see a LOT of shows. Take advantage of it.

And that’s just the gallery. Saturday night’s really about the LIVE art and music and poetry and… Well, I’ll let the rest of the details surprise you.

(Except to tell you that if your 21 or above, the Blue Room’s gonna blow your mind).

That is all.

See you tomorrow.

Underground 2011

Saturday, February 12th at SouthSide on Lamar
1409 South Lamar, Dallas
8pm- midnight. $10 admission

post by Michael Lagocki


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