At Underground this Saturday night, ArtLoveMagic will pioneer our first ever experience just for adults. The vast majority of Underground is all ages, but one room, the Blue Room, is for those 21 and up only.

What will you see inside?

Sensual arts,


Figure Drawing,

Model Photography,


This is new territory for us. It came about because of the number of artists in our collective who were doing beautiful work that we wouldn’t be able to show at all ages events. Specifically, it was Dee’s photography, Jerod’s Body Painting, Dehvon’s modeling. Artists associated with our collective have been producing gorgeous work about the human body. And we didn’t want to leave it out of our experience.

If you purchase an entry into Underground and are 21 or older, you’ll be able to come into the Blue Room. To be clear, this is about sensuality not sex. It’s not a gentleman’s club. It is an experience of human expression, human beauty, and the passion of physicality. This is about art made using the only physical tool we were born with – our bodies.

Here are some specifics that your eyes may see…

Live figure drawing– our artists will draw from live models in the room. You can watch every line go on to paper and look up and see how it was inspired by the model’s form.

Live body painting– all three of the Davies’ brothers, Jerod, Isaac, and Jash will be in attendance and will create live art on the human form all night. If you ask very nicely, you may even get a little paint on you.

Photography– Dee Hill’s gorgeous couple photography will be on display all over the room. Dee will also be creating live photo shoots of each of the different Blue Room stations as they happen. You can watch a professional capture the amazing sights of the room.

Dance– Burlesque dancer Kris Walker is joining us for her first ever artlovemagic experience. She will be a presence in the room all night, will sit for a figure drawing session, and will perform a special dance at 11:30pm. Beautiful.

An artful couple– Christian and Dehvon Ward will perform as a couple. Body painting each other simultaneously.

A brilliant design– Local painter Bianca Elise is heading up our decorating team and using her painterly skills to work live on canvas during the night.

Light and Music– New lighting experiments and new sound frontiers. Local DJ/Producer Hologram Dagger will join us, spinning new tunes and illuminating the night with his innovative work.

We welcome you to experience this with us for the first time. And we sincerely hope, you find the experience… inspiring.

Underground is Saturday Night at South Side on Lamar (1409 S. Lamar – Dallas) from 8pm to 12midnight. The Blue Room is a small section of the show, it will also have 50+ artists and two performance stages of musicians. Tickets to Underground are still available as of this writing at artlovemagic.com for $7, after tomorrow you can purchase them at the door of the shw for $10.

this post’s words by ML
photography by Dee Hill, Jasana Boudard, and the Davies bros.


3 Responses to “What is THE BLUE ROOM?”

  1. Love this. Can’t wait to experience Underground and the new Blue Room! *excited dance*

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