Artist to Artist – Carolyn Collins

The ArtLoveMagic  special blog series  “Artist to Artist” continues with photographer Carolyn Collins.    Our goal is to help artists by sharing  the wisdom and experience of  other artists.     What we wanted to know specifically from each artist was:   1)  What did you learn in 2010?     AND     2)  What are you planning for 2011?

Image 1 - Carolyn Collins

(Image 1 – Carolyn was finally compelled to play with photo-editing software in October, 2010 in order to recreate visions she has in her color-filled dreams. This image is the first result of her new dream imaging process, which involved two separate photographs, three different photo-editing software programs, and over a dozen hours. She explains, “Ever since I was 10 years old, I have longed for a dream-projector device so I can show people the amazing, colorful dreams I have when these dreams speak to me. While reviewing thumbnails from two separate documentary shootsI did (in two separate cities), I kept flipping back and forth between one beckoning image from each shoot and finally connected the dots… these were partial ‘slices’ of a dream I had months before I even knew these shoots were coming up. This was far too coincidental to NOT act on the dreamvision.”)

What did you learn in 2010?

Each year has brought new levels of challenge, creativity, opportunity and productivity to my photography. I finally became a full time freelance photographer/artist in the Spring of 2010. Expecting to encounter numerous hurdles, I still could not have imagined the wisdom I would gain in such a short time.

The most important thing I learned in 2010 was to expect the unexpected. I already knew this from life’s experiences, but in the past I had limited that line of thought to dealing with change as it arose. This time, I learned (the hard way) to apply this approach in a more proactive manner. Scheduling photoshoots, meetings, exhibits, live shows, and art production itself requires careful planning to ensure that ‘freetime’ is left open for golden opportunities… whether it be an urgent shoot for a client, an unexpected opportunity to exhibit, or a powerful surge of creative energy (image 3 is just one example). At one point I worked myself into a physical shutdown, causing me to miss a huge event (GirlShow), which would have featured the largest multi-faceted, multi-media photographic production to date for Carolyn Collins Photography. As painful as the physical shutdown was, the pain of letting others down and letting myself down was unbearable. While I immediately took action and developed a solid prioritizing method to meet obligations on the business side, I still had to pull numerous all-nighters within a short period to meet those obligations. It will surprise no one that I fell far short of my own personal project deadlines during 2010 as a result of limited ‘freetime’. This was a serious wakeup call to re-evaluate my pie-chart of earning, giving and creating.

The flip side of this coin is that unexpected opportunities opened in a huge way toward the end of the year… opportunities which just happened to fit the personal creative projects I had not had time to fully pursue and/or develop (images 1 & 2 are just two examples). While I do not believe in destiny, I do believe that the right doors open when we are ready to walk through them. Pursuing one’s passion as an artist must be carefully tended and nurtured, lest we get so wrapped up in producing on demand that we fail to create just for the sake of creating… for this is when the real magic happens. Pursue your passion and expect the unexpected to happen in amazing ways!

Image 2 - Carolyn Collins

(Image 2 – Carolyn has been a closet “image quilter” for three years but is coming out of the closet with her Blindstitch series. There are software applications she could use perhaps, but no… she chose (and is sticking to) the old-school print/cut/layout process. Using multiple handprinted fine art images in various rotational positions, she designs her quilt, then repeats the process with smaller prints. Carolyn then either scans into her laptop or snaps a photograph with her camera once the artwork is completed). The image shown here took 60 hours to complete. Each piece from this series is a hand signed one-off limited edition print. Only one print will be sold, ensuring that the buyer is purchasing a unique piece of artwork. Two of her black and white pieces are currently on display in an unusual, but prominent venue.)

What are you planning for 2011?

I have already begun tackling my goals for 2011, which include:
•  Re-assessment and implementation of the aforementioned pie-chart
•  Official website launch
•  Taking my Photo-Ink Challenge ™ to new levels
•  Collaborating professionally with other artists

Image 3 - Carolyn Collins

(Image 3 – Anyone who has seen Carolyn in action knows that she does indeed literally dance behind her lens. She says she does this when she is trying to capture the feeling of the moment as she visually interprets it. Her resulting photographs (like the one shown here) are unedited, raw shots with no manipulation whatsover, outside occasional cropping.)

To learn more about Carolyn Collins Photography while her new website is being created, please check out these sites:

(Each website offers a unique glimpse into Carolyn’s creative world; enjoy!!)


3 Responses to “Artist to Artist – Carolyn Collins”

  1. Congrats Carolyn!!! I’m always inspired by your vision. And… are an amazing friend!! Sending you lots of love and positive energies for the new year. If you can THINK it you can DO it!!!!

  2. Sherry Muldoon Says:

    Congrats Carolyn!!! I’m always inspired by your vision. And… are an amazing friend!! Sending you lots of love and positive energies for the new year. If you can THINK it you can DO it!!!!

  3. lamin jaiteh Says:

    wow Great job Ms Collins…continue to rise like the sun please!!!

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