(making) Airwaves

post by Michael Lagocki
photos by David Rodriguez

We did it. We piloted our first radio show, and I think i can safely say we landed the plane with all on board still alive. The flight a success.

I’ve wanted to do a radio show for quite a while. We know soooo many cool people with interesting stories about being in the creative arts. I’m always wanting to interview them, record their stories. Talk radio seemed a natural fit for an organization that works with hundreds and hundreds of thoughtful performers and artists.

watch/listen to the entire show here

Old friendships made it happen. Deb’s friend Stanton works with Jedi Jantzen on his DeepEllumOnAir project. Ka-Blam. Natural progression. So we tried a pilot. Friday January 14th, 2011 at 2pm central we went live on the broadcast.

The guests for our first show included songwriter Eric Tipton, close friends and comic book colorists Christopher and Hallie Garcia, and artlovemagic co-founder David Rodriguez. The show was hosted by myself (Michael Lagocki), our music director Deborah Driscoll, and DeepEllumOnAir’s Jantzen.

In addition to the talk, we also played plenty of local music by folks like Dustin Cavazos, the Zachary Scott Pohl Band, Melody Memory, and many others. We wrapped the whole thing in a Sean P beat and gave it to the future.

It was a great time, and we all came out feeling it was a success. Big thanks to Jedi Jantzen and everyone involved. We ran long. Like, a dang hour long. But everyone was having fun and the site didn’t have a show programmed directly after us so we just kept rolling.

There’s some stuff to iron out. It was a pilot and the point was to learn about what we’re getting into with this whole radio thing. The promising thing is that there’s this endless horizon of good guests I want to have on. I think almost anyone is an interesting interview in the right context, if they’re talking about something they and the show’s audience are passionate about. There’s more live poets, artist, and musicians I’d like to have on from the surrounding 20 square miles that I could possibly count.

Radio host. Wow.I’m a bit overwhelmed by the number of things we’re tackling. This is gonna take some strategic realignment.

But I’m into it.


check it out, listen to it in the background on some headphones at work, while you’re cleaning the house, whatever. Let us know what ya’ think.

watch/listen to the entire show here


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