Underground has a tradition of being the biggest, loudest, freshest show we do every year. This year you can expect no less than 50 live artists, dozens of artforms, and absolutely incredible live performance acts. This is also a show that ALWAYS features many new talents and never-before-seen experiences to artlovemagic‘s story. We wanted to feature some of those talents who may not yet be on your radar.

Meet Kevin Obregon. Fifth-generation Texan Kevin Obregon is a Dallas-based site-specific sculptor, painter, writer, muralist, percussionist and artist’s advocate who co-founded The Cube Creative, an ever-evolving contemporary art gallery, design house, and fine art studio located in the Tyler Davis Art District of North Oak Cliff.

Kevin is a great addition to the Underground show because like many of our artists at this event, his work is unorthodox.  He also has a passion for local Dallas urban areas. Obregon recently founded Cliffwalls Mural Projects, a multi-tiered mural & graffiti program involving schools, city officials, local & regional artists as well as international muralists and graffiti crews. With Melbourne, Australia as its first sister-city, Cliffwalls is developing an international muralist-in-residency in the River West area of Dallas. He was instrumental in developing the annual Tree Carving Project (now called Make Space) at Dallas’ only “urban forest” artist-in-residency, La Reunion TX. Obregon was integral in revamping the visual impact of the River West (formerly West Dallas) industrial neighborhood at the base of the first of three signature bridges designed by the Spanish sculptor/architect, Santiago Calatrava, by suggesting a massive primary & secondary coloration of the many warehouses and buildings that one would see upon crossing the bridge.

You can see Kevin creating live on February 12th at the Underground Show at Southside Lamar.

–Cathy Hutchison


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