Underground has a tradition of being the biggest, loudest, freshest show we do every year. This year you can expect no less than 50 live artists, dozens of artforms, and absolutely incredible live performance acts. This is also a show that ALWAYS features many new talents and never-before-seen experiences to artlovemagic‘s story. We wanted to feature some of those talents who may not yet be on your radar.

Meet Kelsey Kincannon. In Kelsey’s words…”I’m trying to take in little parts of life and imagination and smash them into something more personally relevant and exciting.”  Much of Kelsey’s work begins with familiar forms..women, birds, historical figures…that are then morphed by Kelsey’s imagination.

Like with all artlovemagic events, the artists create works during the show.  Kelsey comments,  “I notice that at the events where I’m painting live, the conversations I get to have about art tend to be more interesting than the ones where you just show your work.  Maybe observing the process breaks down some walls or something.  Whatever it is, I like it.”

–Cathy Hutchison


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