Artist to Artist – Glenda Williams

We’re kicking off a special series of blogs “Artist to Artist” to help artists share their wisdom and experience with other artists.  What we wanted to know specifically from each artist was 1) What did you learn in 2010?    2) What are you planning for 2011?

We hope that this series will enrich and encourage you to great artistic endeavors; enjoy!!

Glenda Williams

(Graphic Designer & Painter)

Violin #1 (Glenda Williams)

2010 was a tremendous time of growth for me as an artist because I ventured out of my safety zone and tried some new things.  I had been using oil pastels and oil bars for several years but decided to try my hand at acrylics and mixed media; in the process, I also began experimenting with abstracting my work more and finding ways to communicate some feelings that I’d kept buried.  The previous year has been difficult personally because several close friends and family members passed away.  My feelings of sadness and loneliness, along with joy for my loved ones’ new-found freedom from suffering, naturally wanted to come out in my art.  I also got some experience showing my work in several different art show venues.  I had never realized how many opportunities there really are to show your art… nor did I realize how difficult it is to determine which ones are appropriate to my particular type of art.  I learned the uncomfortable lesson that many people will admire an artist’s work, but very few are willing to actually invest money in it.  That truth can be a burden, if you let it.  But in reality, that truth frees one to let go of what is not working, and go in another direction.

Turbo (Glenda Williams)

There were two very important things I learned in 2010:

1. It’s crucial to take the time to develop a level of expertise in your chosen medium… but even more important to test your limits by learning a new medium or trying a new style. Only by going past the edge of comfort can you discover what your message is, and a way to communicate it effectively.

2.    You can have great art, but if you don’t find YOUR audience, none of it will sell.  Which brings me to my goal for 2011…

In 2011, I plan to discover who my audience is.  That is no easy task, and it may take more than one year (or more than several).   But I do know that I don’t plan on giving up.  The drive to create is too strong, and I know without any doubt that my purpose in life is to be an artist… to cause another to pause and look at something in a completely new way, if only for a moment.

To learn more about Glenda and her art, please go here:


2 Responses to “Artist to Artist – Glenda Williams”

  1. That’s what I’m talking about!! “Only by going past the edge of comfort can you discover what your message is, and a way to communicate it effectively.” Poetic genius. Finding an audiance is just as hard as you are willing to look. I suggest you go where the artists and art lovers are like festivals and art shows. I have a friend who curates in Dallas. We’ll be having some shows at my friend Tom’s Studio in the Bishop Arts district soon. Contact me at for more info. May the art be with you. 🙂

  2. Thanks! and you too.

    Glad you enjoyed the article.

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