Pimp My Ride: ArtLoveMagic Style!

What a great day to be painting on a car! On Saturday, December 18, 2011, ArtLoveMagic got a chance to wrap-up on artwork that began at the Tastes Of Greenville Avenue which was being produced on a Mitsubishi 2010 Lancer, back on Saturday, October 23. Joe Skilz kicked off the project by creating a mad rendition of the Mitsubishi logo on the left side of the car in a graffiti-like style. I was tempted to call the car done once he had completed his work on the vehicle. His talents are that amazing. But our agreement with Mitsubishi was to have the vehicle covered with incredible artwork and we had great line-up of artist who were going to jam on the car after Joe. But unfortunately the weather had different plans for us that day and we were not able to finish the project due to intense rain… and a possible tornado. If you haven’t hung out with ArtLoveMagic for too long, you should know that our shows tend to bring out outrageously talented artists, plenty of admirers and collectors, and very strange weather. I don’t know why, it just does.

Joe Skilz started this car off for us before this day at the Taste Of Lower Greenville event. We got rained out so this was our make-up day. Thanks Joe!

After a long stint of very busy weekends, we were able to reschedule and make good on our agreement. The creative team consisted of Cody Phillips, Eddie Walker, Kelsey Kincannon and myself. The crew arrived at 11am and got straight to work at prepping the vehicle. Cody did his homework and already had a concept laid out to follow. I gave him a bit of a curve ball by giving him the other side of the car than what he had planned for and expanding his canvas area. This really wasn’t a challenge for Cody and my bud made it happen with a fun design of a snake springing backward and biting the rear tire of the vehicle. The colors were bright and vibrant. Excellent execution.

Cody Phillips creating a snake biting the rear tire. Awesome! Photo by Kylun Rodriguez

The boys jammin' on a Mitsubishi 2010 Lancer. Kelsey Kincannon is working on the hood.


Eddie Walker has become a reliable, quality-creating staple of ArtLoveMagic and I was blessed to have him on this project. Without consulting him, Eddie already know he needed to create something attractive that would represent Mitsubishi, and the man knocked it out of the park. I’ve learned over the years that you never can judge a piece of artwork while it is still in progress. I saw the beginnings of his work and I was curious as to what the final would look like because it looked a bit odd to me but Eddie is a guy you can trust and he delivered. His work looked perfect on the back of that car. I love his attention to detail and overall composition. And doing all of this with and airbrush… I admire this dude.

Eddie Walker hard at work producing magical work!

It's coming together!

Soooo glad this was a good weather day! We able to do this work comfortably.

One of our newer artists to the collective, Kelsey Kincannon, created another iconic piece that incorporated the image of President Lincoln, and beetles. I’m not sure how those two ideas can coexist, but they do and I dig it. The guy can make overgrown ladybugs seem cool and have you believing they were crucial to Lincoln’s campaign. With a humble heart and an amazing talent, Kelsey belts out beautiful modern art pieces that make you want to redecorate your home, Kincannon style. Kelsey is currently working on building up his portfolio to be debuted at Underground 2011, which will occur on Saturday, February 12th (Pre-Sale tickets for Underground at artlovemagic.com). You should definitely come out and see this guys brand new collection!


We are serious about making incredible work. DO NOT GET IN OUR WAY! (Ha!)

Since I let the guys choose where they wanted to create that left me to be the monkey on the roof of the car, which was fine by me. Once I figured out how I might support myself, in order to create without denting in the ceiling, I was good to go. Almost. I hadn’t had a chance to really think about what I was going to produce and was hoping that these guys would inspire and challenge me to create something I would be proud of. Thankfully, they did. I doodled for about a minute on the car and then it struck me, my best friend and ArtLoveMagic Co-Founder has a character by the name of Haley that he likes to illustrate every now and then. I could honor him by doing my own rendition of his character on the vehicle. A creative way to say “Thanks” for working so hard and pouring his heart and soul into ArtLoveMagic. My original thought was that I would create it, post the images and let him know to check out the post but he surprised me with a visit. So I surprised him and it was all gold from there. His beaming smile was exactly what I was after and he delivered with utter excitement. We have worked hard during the first four years of ArtLoveMagic and the blessings have been almost overwhelming. I’m proud of this piece and I look forward to many other blessings down the road as he and I continue to work together.

The beginnings of my first rendition of Haley, a character created by my best bud, Michael Lagocki. This was an excellent surprise for him.

Michael gets a nice surprise and is excited to see me honoring him with an image of Haley. Blessing, bro.

Haley! by me.

Thanks to Jill Brandt at Legecy Market Partners for creating this opportunity for these talents to shine. Thanks to Sherri Herring of Don Herring Mitsubishi for working with us, giving us food, space, and time to create unique works of art. Catch you guys next time.

2 Responses to “Pimp My Ride: ArtLoveMagic Style!”

  1. David, you guys keep breaking out of whatever box anyone might try to put you into… and admirably so! BeeYooTeeFull work! Inspiring.

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