Art & Coffee (December 2010) photos

December’s Art & Coffee was themed “Giving is Good”. It was a beautiful show with several standout performances on the microphone. Here are a few images and words captured by Michael Lagocki.

Live portraiture is always a really good add to have at artlovemagic shows. Aaron Garcia brought his talents out to draw our audience.

Aaron warmed up with these two portraits of ArtLoveMagic founder Michael Lagocki.

Parallel Play is one of our favorite local acts. This weekend marked the last shows that banjo player Jason Miers would perform with PP. We were honored that they chose to spend two of their last three shows together with us. Parallel Play will go on with this new lineup: Jeremy Drake, Tomy Lee, and Erin Gayden. Can’t wait to see their new look!

Misty Boldish shows Charlie how she uses recycled materials to make functional art.

Our feature poet of the evening was Johnny O, one of the founders of the brilliant Johnny’s a great guy and a serious poet. We’ll be happy to have him back on our mic soon.

Jaden rocks the interactive art table. Most every artlovemagic event has a section where you can roll up your sleeves and make art yourself.

Feature musician Gina Garcia. This was her first artlovemagic show and she did a lovely job. Beautiful singing voice on this girl.

Host and soundman Konichiwa Zack makes sure Erin Gayden has clean sound so we can enjoy her songs.

Among other gorgeous jewelry, Desiree Mazzola made these cool lovemark necklaces for sale.

Always good to have Deborah Driscoll and Erin Gayden in the house.

This was Charles Harrison’s second artlovemagic show. Look for his airbrush skills next at Underground (2/12/11).

And finally… Carrie Sumner really blew me away with this dynamic poetry performance. I had never seen her get so animated before! Great stuff.

This show was produced by Deborah Driscoll and Marissa Colomo.

January 7th’s Art & Coffee is a special songwriter showcase. I wanted to kick off our new year with a spotlight on some of our favorite musicians. Jan 7th will not be an open mic. Instead, come listen to the talents of Ell, Erin Gayden, Zach Scott Pohl, Immigrant Punk, and Jay Bean. Plus, plenty of live art and poetry by K Zack and more.

See you in 2011!


pics by ML



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