ArtLoveMagic celebrates the opening of the DART Green Line to Carrollton

DART’s long-awaited Green Line opened this weekend. DART engaged ArtLoveMagic to provide interactive art and music for the opening of the new Downtown Carrollton station. This was especially exciting for Musical Director, Deb Driscoll, who grew up less than a mile from the station. (And whose parents still live there.)

Deb produced the “gazebo stage” in the middle of the square with musical artists like Erin Gayden, Parallel Play, Nick Barron and Zachary Scott Pohl–who kept festival goers dancing at the street from the Gazebo stage. The Davies Brothers created a huge art piece just for the event and spent the afternoon surrounded by an audience which watched it come to life. David Rodriguez and Josh Dryk did a collaboration for the Carrollton Fire department. (Appropriate since the painting was created with flames.)

Eddie Walker allowed people to test drive airbrush painting, Conner Muldoon allowed people to try pottery and Sherri Muldoon snapped photos of anyone who wanted to participate.
The Circus Freaks entertained passers by with feats of balance, hooping and their own brand of comedy.

Many thanks to each of the producers and to all of the volunteers who gave their time to make the event a spectacular success.

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