ArtLoveMagic Supports 2yr Anniversary Of Demeter Project

Post by Hallie Garcia
Photos by David Rodriguez

It’s a Grind in Deep Ellum is a surefire place to find ArtLoveMagic artists, poets, and musicians every first Friday of the month. But this past Saturday, November 13th ArtLoveMagic was there for a different reason.  Three ArtLoveMagic artists, Kelsey Paine,  Josh Dryke,  and Hallie Garcia were there to add to the festivities in support of a new Demeter Project venture.  The Demeter Project is a company created by Dallas nonprofit executives, who own and opened It’s a Grind.  This company wants to “tackle the concept of systemic change” and to do that, they chose to start in the workplace to create those changes.

It’s a Grind is perfect place for ArtLoveMagic to their a monthly event: hip location, intimate atmosphere, and satisfying treats to fuel the artists and the audience. But even deeper than that, It’s a Grind hosting ArtLoveMagic speaks to a core goal of the Demeter Project, to work in partnership with other nonprofit agencies in order to create positive changes in communities and address community needs. What a great match!

On this night, the Demeter Project was celebrating the opening of a new venture, Chill Bubble Tea at 13465 Inwood in Dallas, and invited the community out to celebrate in a family-centered atmosphere. Kelsey and Josh provided a table full of papers, fabrics, glitter glues, imagination and fun in the side room of It’s a Grind for kids to create their own masterpieces. Hallie was stationed up front turning kids into masterpieces with some professional face painting.  Many families, couples, singles and supporters of the Demeter Project started arriving around 6 and soon the place was brimming with smiling faces. Tasty samples of bubble tea were handed out while musicians stationed at the mic strummed upbeat children’s tunes and some mellow adult favorites.   Families took advantage of It’s a Grinds board game stash while a mascot Bubble Tea got pictures with kids and danced around to the music. At one point, a Demeter Project spokesman took the mic to reiterate their goals, share community statistics, and champion further dreams.

It was a delightful evening and a great opportunity for ArtLoveMagic to work with this organization in a different way than they have before. ArtLoveMagic’s talents added to the lighthearted, family atmosphere. To read more about the Demeter Project, please check out


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