ArtLoveMagic supports: pARTy- Life as Canvas

Post by David Rodriguez
Photos by Quoc Cong (QC) and Alexandra Olivia

On Thursday, November 11, 2010, ArtLoveMagic supported Art Party – Life as Canvas, which was a fashion show that celebrated the idea that art is everywhere and can be seen everyday. The event, produced by J. Damany Daniel, contained a host of local fashion designers, hairstylists, and makeup artists. ArtLoveMagic brought in four visual artists (including myself) and a jeweler to create some inspirational stimulus within the Life In Deep Ellum venue.

This was the first ArtLoveMagic experience for artists Charles Harrison and Kelsey Kincannon, though this was not an ArtLoveMagic production. Charles is an incredible airbrush artist whose art is reminiscent of H. R. Giger but he definitely brings his own flavor and talent to the style. I first saw his amazing work as he provided the body art on model Jasna Boudard for a Travis Lilley photo shoot. I met Kelsey Kincannon, another visual artist within this event, at this years Art of Skateboarding and really dug his work and character. His work is bold, entertaining, modern eye candy.

Sarah Zamora and I collaborated for the first time on a piece inspired by our jeweler of the evening, Sarah Fulk, who also does some modeling. Zamora and I rummaged through Fulk’s facebook and found a pic we dug together, shot by local photographer amazing artist and photographer Leroy Roper, and decided to flip the image upside down for the painting. We added some wings to the image to make her angelic. The piece came out wonderfully and was done fairly quickly.

Sarah Fulk brought out another great collection of her jewelry. Her work combines beautiful and simple necklaces and ribbons with a variety of great found objects and unique treasures.

The show wrapped with a live performance by Kirk Thurmond. Within his set he invited an ArtLoveMagic favorite, Dustin Cavazos, to jam with him on two songs.  This was a great night and we are pleased to have been a part of it. All of the artists ArtLoveMagic brought out will be seen within Underground so keep and eye out and put it on your calendar.


One Response to “ArtLoveMagic supports: pARTy- Life as Canvas”

  1. I had a great time for my first ArtLoveMagic event. Thanks again, Dave!

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