Wedding portrait of Conor and Sherry

post by Michael Lagocki

Conor and Sherry Muldoon are two of the coolest people I’ve met through my experience with artlovemagic. Conor spins pottery and Sherry is a photographer. Both have been working with us since the early days of the organization. In fact they met at one of our events (SouthSide’s Urban Arts Festival) and got engaged at another (Underground).

It was an honor for me to be asked to do a live portrait at their wedding.

Here’s the photograph I took of them just after they were married. Sherry selected this shot from a number I quickly snapped of them.

I began by sketching everything out with a violet pencil. Sherry gave me license to get pretty creative with it. So the mural on the wall behind them became a drawn pattern in the sky, and I added birds and blowing leaves to gives the drawing some color and movement:

I drew through their entire wedding reception, but didn’t complete the piece. Knowing it was important, I decided to stop, enjoy a little of the reception, and finish it later.

I took the piece to two other live art shows to complete it (Melody Memory’s CD release party and Art & Coffee). The entire piece was done in front of crowds, which is kind of cool given how connected Sherry and Conor are to the art community. Colored pencil was the medium I used for pretty much all of it.

I later found out that the birds, something I’d just added on a whim, held special meaning for Sherry: while taking pre-cermony photos on the day of the wedding, a beautiful flock of birds danced by, but weren’t caught on film. Sherry feels that I caught them in the drawing for her.

Here is the finished piece, complete with their wedding date and final colors.


3 Responses to “Wedding portrait of Conor and Sherry”

  1. Conor and I will both never be able to express how much this drawing means to us… We are forever grateful for ArtLoveMagic for bringing us together. Art really does change lives!!! Michael, you truly captured the love that we have for each other in EVERY line.

  2. awesome. Awesome all around!

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