The ArtLoveMagic Board exists to guide the overall strategic vision of the organization. Big picture things, like the pursuit of our status as a national not-for-profit, or the yearly budget, or decisions like how many shows we can put on the calendar.

We’re proud to announce that our board is growing, through the addition of three voices.

Nicole Busby has a professional background in marketing and event management. She enjoys writing, volunteering, and supporting artistic minds. She brings a detail-oriented approach and desires to impact ArtLoveMagic’s organizational health.

Elizabeth Trosper has a background in public management and the visual arts. She earned a Masters of Public Administration from the University of North Texas, and is a proponent of developing the visual arts as a key element of a strong local economy. She first joined ArtLoveMagic as a painter at our events, including girlShow.

Michelle McSpadden is a painter and producer who has led several artlovemagic experiences. She’s painted live at nearly a dozen of our events, has produced two Art & Coffees, and has taught with us at our kid’s workshops and the Dallas Museum of Art. Michelle is also the author of a series of articles for this blog that focus on teaching Art & Business (example).

This strengthening of our board will help us realize our goals in new, larger ways. ArtLoveMagic has grown, now having touched nearly 600 artists and performers in the DFW area, and having produced more than 50 separate experiences. Having a healthy organization that can support our vision for impacting this city’s art scene is more important now.

I look forward to working with these three ladies. Each of them brings a mindset and skillset that the board needs.

The future looks bright. May we be our best.



One Response to “Stronger”

  1. Congratulations to Liz, Michelle and Nicole!

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