What you said…

We asked you a question (on our facebook page) and you answered in force:

WE WANT TO KNOW: If you could add ONE artistic or performance skill to your creative skillset in the next 6 months, what would it be?

Here’s your answers:

  • Kay- To know all about making stained glass! : ) 

  • Kelsey- painting 

  • Sonty- plaster casting 

  • Jen- woodworking 

  • Sarah- organization, lol. that’s an art. 

  • Keisha- Guitar- definitely! 

  • Tammie- glass blowing or stained glass as well. 

  • Thomas- If it can be magically done in 6 months, I’d learn the piano. More realistically, I’d practice my juggling and move beyond just tossing balls. 

  • ML- I’ll go with Sarah on this one- my supplies, art, clients and billing ORGANIZED. 

  • Lawrence- I guess I would learn to play the acoustic guitar and learn to remember songs. 

  • Marie- Tumbling/clown acrobatics (safely). 

  • Patricia-s creenprinting! 

  • Sally- Welding! My husband is going to teach me 🙂 

  • Buckley- Cello. 

  • Ricardo- how about a little of everything just mentioned? lol 

  • Serena- Playing the guitar!
  • Tiffany- I’m def. down for learning to play my guitar. It looks so lonely jus sittin in my closet lol. How about we jus share the love hmmmm? Make trades on the talents u already hv. Im an amazing organizer…jus sayin 😉 

  • Amberly-  Guitar fo sho! Or something to lend to these melodies I hear in my head when I write lyrics. They are hard to verbally express to musicians without saying, “you know it sounds like (insert song title here) but different.” 

  • Jerod- knitting/crochet/weaving/mega braiding /// realtalk.. 

  • Jesus – I think I would like to sew, or someone mentioned glass blowing, that would be cool. 

  • Tamitha- Final Cut 

  • Julia- sewing, kilning, piano playing, music reading. oh you said one thing. sorry. 

  • Kelly- Contortion.
  • Diana-I wish I could learn to sculpt

Got another answer? Add it to the conversation by ‘posting a comment’ below.


9 Responses to “What you said…”

  1. I would love to learn tattooing…..

  2. Let’s add the piano. I now work at the Washington National Opera and I’m physically housed in their studio area where there are numerous pianos! I smell a few lessons coming on! Thanks for this Mike!

  3. I would like to learn to accept negative comments gracefully.

  4. @Serena, I can’t wait to hear more about all THAT.

    I think it was so cool how many people responded to this. It’s good to share your dreams like that, especially concerning your own growth and which direction you want to take your skills.


  5. I would love to try encaustic. But don’t have a studio where I could do it.

  6. Ashley Jones Says:

    I would like to learn the art of being a full time artist.

  7. Welding! My brother’s great at metal sculpture.

  8. I would like to learn jewelry making. Beads, braids, all of it.

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