Taste Of Greenville Avenue 2010

This year ArtLoveMagic is thankful to have been a part of Taste Of Greenville, 2010. We did our thing amongst a collection of various restaurants, food vendors, musicians and supporting organizations. We partnered once again with Mitsibushi to create an amazing interactive attraction to this festival.

As it was a family centered event, our biggest attractions in the show were face painting by Hallie Garcia, our photo booth and the interactive painting and illustrating. Hallie once again did incredible facial art that varied from fairies, to animals, to Halloween themed images. Besides being the lead producer for the show, Nicole Rodriguez was the photographer who provided an interactive photo booth, which allowed attendees to dress up and creatively have fun in front of the camera. Kids swarmed the interactive painting and drawing board and created masterpieces of their own.

Also, performing were Cody Phillips creating more of his light-hearted cartoonish, but stylized, art. Caterina Smith produced an abstract tornado painting and invited passersby to produce alongside her within her space. Eddie Walker was next to her airbrushing a masterfully done grim reaper image, perfect for Halloween. I as well created amongst the ArtLoveMagic family and was able to sell some prints and begin a 2 ft by 4 ft painting of the Marvel character Thor.

A good crowd of folks ignored the rain and came out to enjoy this event. As time passed by unfortunately drizzle turned into buckets of water, and strong winds caused us to grab on to the tents and secure our materials. We thought we could ride it out, and a bit of sunshine appeared and gave us false hope, only to have it escort another tidal wave of heavy rain and strong winds. We reluctantly threw in the towel (and grabbed one as well) but had an amazing time while we were there. We look forward to the next Taste of Greenville that we can be a part of.

Nicole & I would like to give a special thank you to volunteers who helped to make this event a success: Curtis Fesser, Brian “Torch” Idell,  Nicole Busby, Don Yemington, Josh Dryk, Kelsey Paine, and Mario Cauley. Until the next incredible show.

-David Rodriguez

Photos by Nicole Rodriguez & Nicole Busby


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