Undergound Cypher

On Sunday, October 17, 2010 we collected some of the most amazing musicians and mc’s at the ArtLoveMagic office to begin the construction of a collaborative cypher to be delivered at the next Underground event. Amongst the crew were Paul Escalante and Evan Johnson of CoLab (http://www.myspace.com/CoLabBand), GOAT (http://musicbygoat.com/ ), Dj Three6t (http://djthree6t.com/), Leaf (http://www.l34f.com/), Matt Barron (http://mattbarronmusic.com/), and JackRabbit James (http://www.myspace.com/jackrabbitjames). More musicians will be added. Also joining the assembled were Edward Adyr and Pablo Herrera of Ufilmhouse (http://www.ufilmhouse.com/ ) who will be creating a video for the jam. The lyrics will focus on encouraging artists of any medium to take charge of the talents and create the opportunities for success. The sound… is freaking awesome and will include most of the musical talent showcased in Underground 2011.

Underground will be held at the Janette Kennedy Gallery and the connecting hallway at SouthSide On Lamar. It will be huge and you should be there. Keep a look out for more information on the event.


David Rodriguez 


3 Responses to “Undergound Cypher”

  1. It sounds dope!!!! Can’t wait!

  2. The cypher is going to be crazy. One more reason Underground 2011 will be the place to be.

  3. JackRabbit James Says:

    This is gonna be an amazing year!! Very excited about this track and the awesome people I get to work with for Underground! Peace!

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