Michael Lagocki joins the Dallas Museum of Art for CREATIVITY SHOWDOWNS


photo by Sherry Smith


ArtLoveMagic founder Michael Lagocki has taken on a new role with the DMA. He’ll be the regular host of a new program for the museum’s Center for Creative Connections. Here’s his take on it:

I’m proud to tell you about this.

I’ve agreed to go under contract with the DMA as host of a new experience they’re going to run every other month called CREATIVITY SHOWDOWNS. The showdowns invite late night attendees at the museum to “compete” in a fast paced art making challenges. Audience members will have only 10 minutes to turn a variety of art supplies into finished works, based on themes we present them. It’s meant to be fun, a little rowdy (but in a museum kind of way), and challenge you to think about art and process QUICKLY.

This is part of the newly redesigned CENTER FOR CREATIVE CONNECTIONS, an area of the museum that loaded with “please touch” materials and interactive displays.

Susan Diachisin and Hadly Clark of the Center reached out to me from previous experiences of working with myself and artlovemagic at special museum events. They were looking for someone to host it who could be LOUD and get the crowd excited, but who also had an art background and could inject some teaching in, and tie the challenges to current museum exhibits.

The Showdown happens twice a night, 6 times a year. So this is a kind of infrequent thing. But I’m very proud they thought of me and proud to join with this excellent institution. The DMA is a FANTASTIC art museum. The collection is amazing, they’re always changing things, they do TONS of community outreach, and the Center for Creative Connections might just be the coolest part of the whole she-bang.

My first Showdown is TONIGHT (October 15th). I know, short notice, but that’s how it all worked out.

I will be leading showdowns tonight at 9pm and 11pm in the center. If you’ve never been to a DMA late night, let me just say, it’s a pretty cool place to be at midnight. You feel like you’re getting away with something. $10 to enter and the whole museum’s yours. Of course, if you’re a member, it’s a free to enter.

If you play in the Showdown with me, all your supplies will be provided, just bring your creative brain! I’d show up (in the Center for Creative Connections on the 1st floor) 15 or 20 minutes early (before 9 and 11pm) to make sure you get a seat.

Big thanks to the people of the museum who thought of me for this and I look forward to helping them realize their goals for this project.



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