Local Music Reviews: Secrets of Boris

We asked a few artlovemagic friends to tell us about some of the local bands and shows they dig. Brian “Torch” Idell answered the call with this review of Secret of Boris.
Secret of Boris is not your mother’s rock band. These 4 indiduals from Irving Tx know how to put on a solid performance that only gets better as the night goes on. October 1st was no expection. On this particular friday Secret of Boris (or S.O.B for short) was at Trees in Dallas, Tx playing with Reckless Intent. the night started off a bit slow for the guys but as the set progressed more heads started turning. Playing a majority of songs of their debut album, Your Ghost, this 4 piece alternative rock band got the show going right. There were plenty of surprises in store for the audience that night as lead vocalist Cameron Taylor picked up a guitar and the band pulled out a phenomenal cover of “burning down the house” out of their bag of tricks. The fun didn’t end there as the band immediately went into “lost in a daze” and a few other choice selections from the album. S.O.B refused to stop without the crowd being utterly amazed and called out Ryan Ray from Reckless Intent to do guest vocals on “retro”. New fans were made that night and older fans were left wanting more. but alas all good things must come to an end. for mor information on the band and any upcoming events go to www.secretofboris.com
– Brian “Torch” Idell, underground music promoter… OF DOOM
photos by Torch
If you want to review a band/album/or show from the Dallas music scene, send us your words to musicblog@artlovemagic.com
Include a few pics (credited) and a link to the band’s online presence.

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