ArtLoveMagic, Where You Been (part 3): This is True

post and pics by Michael Lagocki

Ooooh, This Is True. Easily one of my favorite shows we’ve ever done. This night was FILLED to the brim with passion. If you missed this one, the short story is- we selected 20 poets and 20 artists and mashed them into a collaboration of verse and paint. Each painter recieved a poem from an anonymous author and was asked to create a painting based on it. Nobody knew who they worked with until the finished pieces were hung on the wall.

To say the least, the show produced some brilliant collaborations. A few that just absolutely blew my mind. After two and a half weeks of being displayed in an open gallery to the public, we celebrated the whole thing with a live show where all 20 poets performed (while standing next to the cooresponding paintings).

For whatever reason, it was a pretty emotional experience for a lot of us. A few poets were on the verge of tears while performing. It came through in their readings and the whole atmosphere of the night was just powerful, reverent at times, insanely celebratory at others.

We invited local musicians Dustin Cavazos and Kurt Thurmond in to celebrate with us as well. We asked the audience to make interactive poems with us and over 100 of them did. Wow.

I’ll never forget this night, and it looks like no one would let me forget it if I wanted to. Calls for This is True 2 have been loud and frequent. I’ve had people ask me if they could be artists in it, poets, even producers. We’ll see this show again. Until then, enjoy these snapshots…

Wish I had caught more pics, but I was running around most of the night hosting, performing, and listening. If you want to see a bit more from the show, check out the pre-show coverage here (covering three of the collaborations) and also here (an in depth examination of the collab between Darryl Ratcliff and Jerod Alexander).


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