Utopia – A Collaborative Dream

Haven’t we all dreamed of Utopia?

A place where all humans of all colors, of all cultures and passions come together to move progressively forward?  I say let’s try it on for size.

On Wednesday, October 13th, 2010 we will explore Utopia collaboratively with Seeds Of Success, a local Not For Profit who also strives to educate communities on ways to escape the rat race and indulge your own unique ideals.  They will bring independent vendors who can help answer questions about entrepreneurship and success, while ArtLoveMagic does what we do best – rock the house.

DJ Dean Dillinger rockin' it right.

Several local artists and musicians will be out performing live for your visual/audible pleasures and we even invite you to get creative with us!  Come with your guitars, keyboards, voices and hands and be a part of Utopia – A Collaborative Dream.

"Witching Hour" art by Bianca Elise

This show is unique since it is in Arlington (our first time) and ArtLoveMagic shows are historically all ages.  This one is NOT, so leave the kiddo’s safe at home and come enjoy the night with other 18 and up local badasses.  DJ Dean Dillinger will be spinning beats throughout the night, and one of our veteran artists – Bianca Elise will be bringing out her risqué paintings that she sometimes has to leave at home due to the family friendly nature of our other events.

Bianca Elise painting live at girlShow 2010

Get ready to experience Utopia.

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