ArtLoveMagic, where you been? (part 2)

post and photos by Michael Lagocki

Where we been???
We’ve been hanging out at other folks’ art events. There’s too much cool stuff going on in this city to just stick with the events we throw. Recently we’ve made a concerted effort to attend, participate in, or assist other cool art events in Dallas.

Since I’m at this “unloading” pictures thing (see where you been part 1), I thought I’d include images from these trips outside our own events as well. Here are FOUR great events (not ours) that we attended or somehow supported in recent months.

Enjoy! -ML

Cool Waters 2

a beautiful mermaid/shoreline themed show put together by Julia Schloss that included tons of local artists we love, including Carolyn Collins, Ashley Jones, Sarah Zamora and many others.

Open Mic at Mokah

One of our favorite venues, Mokah began holding weekly open mics. To my delight, they asked me to come in and host one. I invited some artlovemagic friends and a few local hip hoppers to give the night a distinctly different flavor. Great fun!

The Davies’ Brothers : the 9/11 show

One thing I’ve learned in these years of putting together art shows in Dallas is that the three Davies’ bros (Jashua, Isaac, and Jerod) are amongst the most talented individuals this city has to offer. When they announced a special show dealing with this feelings and events of the 9/11 anniversary, I was crazy excited. The show did not disappoint. I wish I had taken more pics, but I grabbed these during setup.

El Loteria: The Art of Chance

Also on 9/11, local painter Travis Rex put together a wonderful themed show at Pearl. He invited local artists to represent cards from El Loteria, a Mexican bingo-like game. The ArtLove crew who attended was so impressed by the show, we even bought a piece of art (by Cody Phillips) to adorn our office.

This is just a taste of some of the cool things going on in our local scene. Make sure to take advantage of living in a city with such incredible art and music. There’s a lot of cool stuff out there if you dig a little.

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