This is True – the new jazz

Over the last few months we’ve been telling you about the THIS IS TRUE experiment. 20 poets and 20 artists – 20 collaboartions between 40 strangers across two different mediums. The results have been pretty incredible.

This is easily one of my favorite things we’ve done. Several of the participants just really got into it and took the work to the next level. Here’s just a sampling of what you can expect if you check out the show at the gallery anytime this week, or if you join us for our live event celebrating it Saturday night

Amanda Davis’ piece (above) was a real joy to see. The piece is based on the poem In Sepia by Misty Boldish. Inspired by the poem’s lines about gunshots, Amanda took a .45 to the piece and shot actual bullet holes in it. She also used a combination of photo transfer, tissue paper, charcoal and paint to get the effect that she wanted.

Both Misty and Amanda are very proud of the piece.

Our jaws dropped when Eddie Walker brought in this airbrushed interpretation of Hank Van Hawkins’ poem, Mad Man Blues. Hank is a songwriter, and the poem reflects that. It reads like a gritty country/blues song. I thought Eddie was the perfect choice for it and I campaigned my other producers, Isaac and Jerod, to let him have a run at it.

The details in that tattoo are unbelievable, almost photo-realistic. Thanks, Eddie… you made me look smart!

Here’s what poet Jay Eilers had to say about his poem, which was ultimately interpretted into the above collage by artist Marissa Colomo:

Within Sacred Spaces: Tree of Life Poetry Collage, I approach older material creatively by rearranging pieces of five previously existing poems with diverse themes, suggesting a central theme based on my interpretation of universal truth.

I hope to metaphorically embody the Tree of Life as a process of spiritual realization.
This concept can apply universally to individuals within multiple communities and inspired by multiple relationships. We use what has been given to us in news ways. This is the essence of creative truth. It is adaptable, but still timeless and steadfast.

Marissa tore up thousands of tiny piece of colored paper to make the collage. When you see the work, check out the detail in the wings. It’s amazing.

This is just a small sampling of the work. There are 17 more pieces to be seen in the show and 20 full poems to be read.

We will celebrate the whole thing with a live event Saturday night at the gallery from 8pm to midnight. It’s only a $2 donation to get in. We’ll have live music, all the painters and poets, and a few artlovesurprises for you.

Here’s a facebook event page for Saturday night if you want some more details or to confirm you’re attending.

Personally, I think this is the new jazz. Collaborative experiments where artists come together around a themed project and make work the world has never seen before…

Pinch me.

post by Michael Lagocki


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  1. […] and listening. If you want to see a bit more from the show, check out the pre-show coverage here (covering three of the collaborations) and also here (an in depth examination of the collab between Darryl Ratcliff and Jerod […]

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