Art beneath our footsteps

Eddie Walker’s been working on something special for us.

Deep Ellum is known for it’s beautiful murals. All over DE proper, art extends beyond the galleries and onto the streets and buildings. From the Traveling Man, to the Good Latimer murals, to Art Park, the creativity in Deep Ellum can’t be kept inside. The Deep Ellum Foundation recently approached us about extending that art to the sidewalks, so that people in DE could literally walk upon art.

Eddie working on his Art Park statue - summer of

We asked Eddie Walker to tackle this project because of his incredible work at Art Park, where he created one of the most memorable new landmarks in town. With input from Michael Lagocki and Barry Annino, a design was crafted that celebrates Deep Ellum’s rich music scene.

It was created to be big and colorful so that kids and families could enjoy it. I love the idea of a child staring at it in wonder and walking through it, matching their steps to the music scales and notes.

In the above video, Eddie’s still working, but the piece is just about completed now. You can see the finished results outside of the Deep Ellum Community Center at 2630 Commerce, in Dallas. If the community responds well to it, we’ll probably see more art reaching out. Stay tuned!


2 Responses to “Art beneath our footsteps”

  1. Barbara Murray Says:

    Eddie, many kudos for your sidewalk art work at the Deep Ellum Community Center at 2630 Commerce, in Dallas. I didn’t know you did all that.

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