THIS IS TRUE… update

THIS IS TRUE- our first ever gallery show that features collaborations between local poets and painters will launch in September. 20 poets and 20 artists have been selected and will be paired (though no one will know who they’re paired with until the work is hung in the gallery).

The poems that have come in have been a real treat to read. Some wonderful stuff in here. Wait until you read Bread, or A New Constitution, or… wait… I’m getting ahead of myself.

Plus I’m suppossed to keep it all a secret anyway until the artwork is hung up. But this is one you definitely don’t want to miss. How does a painter react to written verse? How do 20 of them react to 20 different poems? We’ll find out when the gallery goes up.

The gallery will be up as of September 3rd, but mark the date of September 18th on your calendar for sure. That’s when we celebrate the whole thing with a live show. All 20 poets will perform their works and you’ll get to meet the artists who created the paintings that go along with them. We’ll have a house band that will keep it all moving rhythmically. Absolutely beautiful… and only a $2 donation to get in the door that night.

This show is part of a series of efforts by artlovemagic to go deeper into the live art experience. This time we’re not just showing the art, or even just creating it live, we’re coordinating a wide effort of collaboration between 40 local creators in two different mediums. We’re bringing it to one of our favorite galleries in all of Dallas, and we’re celebrating it in a night that will be a whirl of poetic, musical, and painterly energy.

I have no doubt this will be one of the coolest things we’ve ever done. Together we intend to find something TRUE.

Join us.



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