First Wednesdays

Every first Wednesday night artlovemagic holds an open meeting at our office (2630 Commerce) at 7pm for those who want to contribute to the revolution. We discuss the next few artlovemagic experiences, scope new ideas, design fliers and shows, and generally have a pretty good time.

ArtLoveMagic is based on an open model. Anyone who wants to contribute can. We look for people who have a positive attitude and are willing to step up to help the cause and bless the Dallas art scene. There are a million ways to contribute, so be sure whatever you’re good at we can use.

These days in our organization, back-office minded thinking is highly prized (organization/numbers/knowledge management), so don’t think the only skills we’re looking for is how well you can sling a paintbrush or guitar pick. For the record, we still dig those skills too. Just come, show up, listen, and offer what you can. If you do, I promise you you’ll get involved in something pretty cool.

The next Wednesday meeting (which is always 2 days before our Art & Coffee shows) is Wednesday September 1st at 7pm.

post by Michael Lagocki
photo by Justin Nygren


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