Adventures in Storage

post by Michael Lagocki

It looked like Book of Eli when we went in. But we cleaned it up a bit.

Our good friend Arvel hooked artlovemagic up with a little storage space to house our ever growing collection of event equipment. Don and I went down today to get a first look at the space and unload some equipment that’s been living in his truck since the LakeSide Market Festival. The storage space needed a lot of love. We gave it what we could in one go at it, using a shovel and a broom to clear the floors. Tough work in that heat, and we spent most of the time making nervous jokes about not breathing in toxins. Haha. Yeah.

But the point is this: we now have some storage space and can reclaim our office in the community center. The collection of easels and plywood and butcher paper had taken over. Now it all has a new home. It also has enough room so that if we wanted to store something crazy stupid big (like a 15 x 30 foot canvas), we could do so.

The space is right around the corner from our office too, so this is all really advantageous.

Ever growing, especially thanks to generosity of cool people and elbow grease on our part.



3 Responses to “Adventures in Storage”

  1. Buckley W... Says:

    Blezzin’s come in beautiful sizes…

  2. for sure.
    Sometime they’re a bit dirty too.
    grab a broom.

  3. Very exciting.

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