This is true

September will see artlovemagic return to SouthSide on Lamar (where we got our start waaaaay back in 2007 with our first show, Reach). The show will be called THIS IS TRUE, and it will be a bit of a new approach for us. It is a very intentional mix of written poetry and visual art.

Dallas has a ton of great poets, and the idea here is to pair them with visual artists who will interpret their work. Each poet (somewhere in the range of 15-20) will be matched with a different visual artist who will create one piece inspired by one poem. The poem will be printed out in a large format and hang next to the piece of art it inspired in THIS IS TRUE’s gallery show.

The gallery will hang through most of September and will be celebrated with a closing show the night of September 18th. That show will include live performances by poets and artists involved, as well as some experimental poetry collaborations with the audience.

The production crew (the team putting the gallery and live show together) will be Michael Lagocki, Issac Davies, and Jerod Alexander. This is a strong crew and was chosen because we wanted to push the idea farther and these three can do it. Each of them is both a poet and a visual artist.

If you’d like to get more info (or want to get involved in) THIS IS TRUE, you can attend our monthly first Wednesday meeting this coming Wednesday, August 4th. We’ll be there discussing general artlovemagic stuff from 7pm, but will break off to discuss and plan THIS IS TRUE from 8:30-9:30. Each first Wednesday meeting is at our office in Deep Ellum, 2630 Commerce.


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