girlShow pics by attendee Lou O’Neal

We love it when attendees show up with their cameras and take great pics. Photographer Lou O’Neal’s photos caught our eye because of the sharp, vivid colors. This is a perfect match for such a colorful show with such colorful women.

If you brought your camera to girlShow and want to share your pics or stories with us, you can send them to

Thanks for these incredible images, Lou.

Songwriter Erin Gayden performed in both solo and supporting sets at girlShow 2010, as well as being one of 11 girls to perform in Saturday’s All-Girl Jam.
ArtLoveMagic newcomer Hallie Garcia facepainted our guests (and producers!) both nights of girlShow.
This was the first time we’ve worked with the amazing Bianca Elise. Her work is absolutely beautiful. You can see her paintings at
The lovely Kelly Clemmons performs on our lounge stage. The lounge gave attendees a place to enjoy local performers like Kelly in a more intimate environment than the large venue.
Dehvon Ward was both a member of the girlShow production team and a painter on Saturday night. She set up a beautiful display of her work and sat in the middle of it and painted.

many more pics from girlShow can be seen at the girlShow blog

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