Local release: Playdough’s Bible Bus Mixtape

post by Michael Lagocki

You know how when an artist you really love drops new work, and you’re always a llllliiiiiitttttlllleee bit nervous about whether or not your going to like it?

Yesterday, Playdough’s Bible Bus Mixtape dropped for free at http://playdough.bandcamp.com/

I’m thrilled to say it’s great. I’ve only been through it a few times, so no in-depth review for now, but I will say that track 3 LIVE IT UP is flippin’ fantastic. I wanna direct the dang video for it. Great beat, lyrics, delivery. I dare you to listen to it twice and not dig it.

Anyway with 11 tracks, this is a lot of great, free music from a Dallas MC who’s putting out incredible work. If you enjoy real hip hop (I’d explain the difference between real hiphop and radio hip hop, but there’s simply not enough space on the internet), you should definitely download a copy of this one.




2 Responses to “Local release: Playdough’s Bible Bus Mixtape”

  1. Great mix tape! It’s addicting.

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