The Big Bang Happened Today

No matter your belief about the beginning of our amazing world, everyone can agree that something big happened.  At some point, there was some kind of beautiful spark that brought together massive forces to create something even our brightest minds cannot comprehend in its fullest: Life.

Fast forward to today.  Mike and I had the opportunity to volunteer at the bigBANG conference in downtown Dallas.  The goal of the conference was to provide space for 10 non-profit organizations to share their visions before a crowd of investors and donors in a no-pressure environment.  Each organization had already spent the last 6 months working with business development professionals in strengthening their mission and vision and honing their pitches down to 10 minute presentations.  All of this was part of a grant program that ended in today’s conference.  At the end of it, the crowd was allowed to vote on the best presentation, giving each organization the chance to win additional capital.  Two runner-ups, Vision Regeneration and The Shared Housing Center, won $2500 and one winner, The Amachi Texas Initiative (Big Brothers Big Sisters of Texas), walked away with $5000 for their organization.

I could take a whole blog post to explain how the conference came to be, but honestly it would be a waste of time.  They’ve already done that on their website.  What I would like to say about today is that it refreshed my vision for our work with ArtLoveMagic.  Some of these organizations took 20 years to get to where they were.  Other have struggled, just like we have, with figuring out how they were going to make things work out.  But, in the end, they stayed true to their roots and stayed committed to the people they were passionate about.  For us, it is the artist that we are passionate about.  We are passionate about giving them space to succeed.  Today reminded me that there has to be a way to make this thing work long-term, and the answer will be found in Community and Relationship.

Mike and I had the opportunity to make some great connections with the people from Vision Regeneration and Rainbow Days that will hopefully put us in a position to give artists opportunities to make a positive impact with their talents.  We’ve even got a little trick up our sleeves that could end up with some air time.  We will keep you posted for sure!

In the end, the conference was designed to provide the space for sparks; massive forces for good and people with visions to fund that good.  It was a huge encouragement to see the process succeed.

Many thanks to Sarah Jane Semrad (Art Conspiracy, La Reunion TX) who suggested that Mike and I volunteer instead of “simply” attend.  While attendance has its advantages (and I’m pretty sure it will be the route we take next year), being able to work behind the scenes, sharing the burden of responsibility and contributing in ways that most people will never see has its benefits as well.  In the end, it is not the super-stars, the glory-lovers, the self-centered and myopic who make the biggest difference.  It is the selfless, the humble, the worker who makes the dream come true.  ArtloveMagic has been building on this foundation from the very beginning.  We can do without your prima donna attitude.  We can do without your sick personality.  But we can’t do without your help.  We can’t do without your time and the work you do.  So, thanks Sarah Jane for the space to do the same for my fellow workers today.  Let’s make the big bang happen all over again.

3 Responses to “The Big Bang Happened Today”

  1. Buckley Wheatish Says:

    Just reading this is infectious. Congratz on the excellent connect-o-rama marathon!

  2. It was a good day. I kinda relaxed and took it all in. So many locals trying to rescue the areas of our city that are feeling pain.

    Dallas is an interesting area with so much potential. Wealth North of downtown and poverty and south of it. I know that’s an oversimplification, but the numbers are pretty staggering.

    I think our little part of the solution for those areas can simply be this:

    To expose youth and adults to inspiring art experiences, that they might find a positive passion to guide their lives. And to find those individuals that already have that passion, and give them access to better experiences, positive communities, and an audience who will look, listen, and appreciate.



  3. Beautiful, Justin. You are a brilliant star. The above mentioned is the heart of it.

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