ArtLoveMagic supports…

Thankfully, artlovemagic’s not the only group out here doing excellent community art and performance shows. Here are two shows we’ll be throwing a bit of love and support to that are thrown by our allies in the fight for good art:

The Southwest Regional Shootout Poetry Slam
This major slam poetry competition features some of the best poets from this area of the county, including several seen on HBO’s Def Poetry Jam. We were brought into this event by our good friend Kenichiwa Zach (host of our Art & Coffee shows). We’ll be there Saturday night with a handful of live artists creating, showing, and selling on site.
Friday June 10th & Saturday June 11th

for more info
check the facebook page here

The Elements of Dallas HipHop
Dallas is rightfully being recognized as a source of incredible underground hiphop. This thrilling showcase features many of the very best DJs, MCs, breakdancers, and graff painters from DFW. The incredible lineup of talent was put together by the super team of REC SHOP / POOR VIDA PRODUCTIONS / VIGILANTE MUSIC GROUP. If you want to really know what local hiphop is all about, this show is definitely for you.
Sunday July 4th

for more info, check the facebook page here


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