!!!Art Opportunity!!!

Happy Wednesday Everybody!!

I wanted share an art opportunity with you…A great artist friend of mine is helping to organize a neighborhood Garden Tour on 6/05 and he wants to have artists set up at his home and around other areas in the neighborhood.  They have 5 artists already and would like to have about 5 more.  Artists don’t HAVE to be creating during the event, but it would probably be good for people to see the creative process in action.

No commissions taken on artwork sold

No fees for set up

Artists need to bring all their own tent or booth for setup/displays.

Artists will be in shaded locations, but outdoors, so dress comfortably and bring snacks & water.   (And maybe a fan too.)

Setup time: 7:30-8am   (Garden Tour starts at 9am and goes till 3pm)

If you’re interested or know somebody that is, please call Curtis Fesser at 214-319-6989 today! 

****Alger Park / Ash Creek Neighborhood Association Garden Tour****

posted by Michelle McSpadden

One Response to “!!!Art Opportunity!!!”

  1. Curtis Fesser Says:

    I wanted to Say Thank your for your help in aiding me to find artists for the garden tour. It was wonderful to have the artist fill the atmosphere with there wonderful works of art, It made the scorcher of a day magical……Thank you Michelle for your help
    Curtis Fesser

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