Got Thrifting?

Buffalo Exchange, Goodwill, St. Vincents, Salvation Army…these places are sacred to both the thrifty and the fashion conscious.  But what about your over-stuffed closet?  It’s not open for business, but you and I both know there’s some cute stuff in there you don’t need anymore.  How about giving it to us?

Saturday, May 29th is our T-Shirt workshop where we will be using your donations and our own thrifty finds to make unique t-shirts for girlShow.  We can use both male and female fashions here, so please take this opportunity to clean out your closets and donate.  Some kids clothes would rock, too!

Opportunities and locations to donate:

Saturday, may 22nd at LIFE in Deep Ellum from 8 am to 5 pm.  We will be having our Kids Music Workshop that day and I will be on-site all day to accept your donations.

Saturday, May 29th at our offices in Deep Ellum from 4 pm – 10 pm.  The workshop starts at 6, but I will be in the office early to accept your donations.

Addresses are as follows:

LIFE in Deep Ellum – 2803 Taylor Street, Dallas, TX 75266

Offices in Deep Ellum – 2630 E. Commerce Street, Dallas, TX 75266

If you cannot make either of those dates but still want to clean out your closet, please email me directly and we will set something up.

Much Love & thanks,

Deb Driscoll


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