Celebrating Mom

For a Special Mother’s Day event Art Love Magicians gathered at the Egg & I for a relaxing and enchanted evening created to thank and bless every mom at the event.  As each mom entered the restaurant, she was greeted with a warm smile and received a beautiful flower to kick off the journey of love and appreciation as displayed through art, photography, music, and poetry during the evening.   We also had a several give away prizes for moms that included art prints, a knitted blanket, pottery, girlShow tickets, and gift certificates for the Egg & I.  

 Here is just a sampling of the luscious time we had:

If you attended this event, please share your experience with us in the comments section of this post.

 A VERY SPECIAL THANKS to the following people who made this event stellar:    Producer – Mario Cauley, Assistant Producers – Dehvon Ward & Mike Lagocki, Host – Will Richey, Sound- Ken Harnsberry, Artists- Josh Dryke, Connor Maldoon, David Rodriquez, Ricki Johnson, Jenice Johnson, Eddie Walker, Helpers – Alexandra Marie, Jay Eilers, Rina Provost-Smith, Photographer – Carolyn Collins, Musicians – Gayden Lee, Mimo, Tiffany, Elle, Deb Driscoll & Mom, Poets – Alexandra Marie, Amanda Jackson, Daphne Henderson, the owners and staff at the Egg & I, and last but certainly not least, every mom.    Thank you moms… you sacrifice, love, protect, guide, and nurture, so we honor you today and every day.    

 To see more pics from the evening, please go here: www.carolyncollinsphotography.exposuremanager.com


2 Responses to “Celebrating Mom”

  1. This was a beautiful event for so many reasons. I think I witnessed (and experienced) a year’s worth of warm fuzzies in one night!

  2. I thought it was a fantastic evening. Will noted at some point during the night that it’s a good thing that artlovemagic does these “family” centered events a few times a year. It gives the artists an opportunity to bring their parents, children, siblings, etc into their world and to experience the creation of art.

    I love how all our Moms are getting to know each other!

    Our shows are a lot of work (and this one was certainly no exception). If our goals were just business-oriented, it wouldn’t work. There’s no money in doing events like these, but there is joy and warmth and the creation of memories that touch us all.


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