WOW, What A Weekend!! (Part 1)

Springtime  Art Love Magic style started off with a BANG at the May Art & Coffee held on 5/07/10 when we creatively conquered the space at  It’s A Grind in Deep Ellum.  The weather was a little breezy at times, but it was very nice for the outdoor portion of the show for our poets and musicians.  Inside, we kept the creative wheels turning with the help of our visual artists who showed us some of their techniques and shared a little bit of themselves with us.

A Very Special THANKS to our wonderful art crew who made it all happen: Theory (featured poet), Reinventing Jude (featured musician),  Alexandra Marie (hostess), Michelle McSpadden (show producer), Kylun Rodriguez (assistant producer), Deb Driscoll (music director), Mario Cauley & Jay Eilers (info table), Don & Justin (various assistance), Michelle Devon (Jewelry), Kaitlin Epperson (Drawing), Essie Graham (Photography), Glenda Williams (Painting), Michael Lagock (Painting) and Scott Dorn (show photographer).

Details about our Mother’s Day show are coming soon!!


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