Upcoming girlShow Dates Announced!!

girlShow Submissions are in, and we’ll be announcing the Visual Artists, Spoken Word Poets and Musicians that will be a part of girlShow 2010 – The Perfect 10 in the next couple of weeks.  We have finalized some dates including two that EVERYONE are invited to attend – The T-shirt & Jewelry days!

girlShow T-Shirt Workshop

Saturday, May 29th 6pm – 10pm, 2630 Commerce, Dallas, TX

All the badasses that participated in this last year can tell you how much of a blast it was, and I would wager that the vast majority of them will be joining us again this year.

The basic idea here is to create a great t-shirt & design for girlShow, not just a logo printed onto those regulation stitch, mannishly shaped t-shirts that we all know and love.  It is a challenge, however to find flattering t-shirts for all the Perfect women in our community & to accommodate all shapes and sizes.  Therefore, we decided to GO THRIFTING!  We accept donations from you guys and hand-pick cool vintage t-shirts and screen print them ourselves with a locally designed girlShow logo.  Last year, those shirts were some of the most sought after items at girlShow and it made us all very happy.  :) Keeping our merchandise low cost with all of your donations and time really helps us to do more with our budget to bless artists and our community.  If you can donate some t-shirts, purses, handkerchiefs, etc. for this project, please contact deb@artlovemagic.com!!

from 2009 workshop, photo by Eddie Walker

girlShow Jewelry Workshop

Wednesday, June 2nd 6pm – 10pm, 2630 Commerce, Dallas, TX

The Jewelry Workshop has the same vibe as its t-shirt sister above.  All of us gather and work together to create cool pieces of art for people to wear around their necks, from their ears, or in their hair.  We use mainly sculpey clay, bendable wire and hemp cords to make the jewelry, though this year I am interested in even MORE of your ideas.   We still have some of the stock we made last year on the merch tables today, and they always draw the eye of passers by.  Going to be a great night, and coincidentally this also falls on one of our monthly meeting nights so you get to hang out, make jewelry AND find out what’s going on in ArtLoveMagic.  Pretty sweet.  If you have Jewelry ideas/materials to donate, please email deb@artlovemagic.com

from 2009 workshop, photo by Eddie Walker

Pre-Meeting #1

Saturday, June, 19th 2pm – 4pm, 2630 Commerce, Dallas, TX

girlShow is ArtLoveMagic’s only two-day event, and that means it needs twice the planning and cooperation than our other events.  For this reason we REQUIRE participants of girlShow to attend at least one of our two Pre-Meetings.  If you can’t make it to one of these meetings, you cannot be in the show. For that reason, I wanted to get these dates out even earlier than last year so that no one is excluded.  Last year, I am pleased to say, we did not have to exclude anyone for not coming to a meeting.  That is just how much you ladies rock.  :) These meetings are for your benefit, and the benefit of this show.  If you want to be really up to date, attend BOTH.  It’s the only way to have ALL the information available beforehand.

Pre-Meeting #2

Sunday, June 27th, 2pm – 4pm, LIFE in Deep Ellum, 2803 Taylor Street, Dallas, TX

This Pre-meeting is special because it is at the venue we are going to be occupying both nights of the show.  We will be covering where you will be stationed, what stages you’ll play on, what days you will be creating live, and everything else you could possibly need to know.  Notice that this is held on a Sunday.  This is another attempt on our part to make sure all schedules can be accommodated.

That’s all for now.  Keep checking our blog and facebook for updates on the submission selections!

Much Love,

Deb Driscoll – Lead Producer, girlShow 2010


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