Two In One!!!

 Art Love Magic Lovers, we got a treat for you this week…We have 2, YES 2, events planned to rock your socks off and get your creative wheels turning, so tell everybody you know to join you at these incredible shows:

 5/07/10 Art & Coffee at It’s A Grind   7:30-10:30pm (2901 Indiana  Blvd. Dallas, TX 75226)      Visual Artists to include: Kaitlin Epperson, Michelle Devon, Glenda Williams, Essie Graham, and ALM founder- Michael Lagocki.    We’re going to have a special interactive area at this show for those who would like to create a one of kind art card for their mom. 

 5/08/10 – Mother’s Day Show at  Egg & I   7-10pm.   This event is designed to make your Mother feel honored and adored.   This is an all-in-one stop for a lovely indoor/outdoor event with all the trimmings!   She can even take home gifts right from the show!   There is NO better place to honor your mother this year.    To learn more and purchase your tickets, please visit the website at:

 We hope to see you at BOTH of these extraordinary events!!

 -Michelle McSpadden


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