Expand your brain!!!- More details on the April 24th Artist Workshop

Knowledge is power. It expands your reach. As any good craftsman knows, the right tool and the knowledge of how to use it changes everything. The ArtLoveMagic crew of artists and performers has a tremendous amount of knowledge on creativity. That’s why the Artist Workshop is so cool. The goal always was and is… to share incredible knowledge in a way that’s quick and easy and benefits everyone.

Our second Artists Workshop is next Saturday afternoon April 24th, and the roster of teachers are incredible. This weekend we met to discuss what each person would teach on and I was blown away. My only problem now is that I’m teaching a class myself and wont be able to attend all of them. Here’s the lowdown on just three of the classes (there are more than a dozen to choose from).

Joshua Boulet is teaching LIFE DRAWING. Josh has performed at dozens of artlovemagic shows, usually creating large illustrations on the fly, depecting what he sees during an event. Josh is a master at capturing the human form. His hour long class focuses on how to quickly break down human anatomy and draw it accurately.

Justin Griffith captures amazing music recordings at home. The sound on the music he records and produces is some of the best in Dallas. Justin and I had a talk this weekend about how there’s so much talent out there and so many (shall we say “less than wonderful”) recordings of it. If your interested in creating clean recordings of your music, this is the class for you.

Amanda Smith is teaching a class on print designs. Hearing her talk about it made me want to attend. I asked her to send me an email on the specifics of what she’d be teaching:

Design Class Description:  Maximize your designs with  print, or even better, build a design around the printing process. We’ll explore  substrates, die cuts, fancy spot applications and rules to break. This class will  change the way you think about print design.  Use that technology!

More details on Print Design Class:
We’ll start by covering a brief history of printing: potato prints, the first press, rice flour resist.  We’ll explore various printing options for packaging and promotion and we’ll review the pros and cons of each process.
Design with printing effects and technology: die cuts, cold foils vs. metallic PMS vs. hot stamping, holographic substrates and over-laminates.  We’ll also touch on overcoming printing obstacles with design: trapping and registration, line strokes, spot colors, opacity screens and dot patterns. Fun stuff that will make your design and branding really soar!

Those are just the very beginning. There are more than a dozen total classes to choose from. You can enjoy the entire day for only $35, or take individual classes at $10 each. Other classes include Art Business for Dummies, Songwriting, Producing Live Events, Photography, and more.

This day is an investment in yourself. If it goes anything like last year, it will be fun, mind expanding, and a place to meet lots of great creative people. I hope to see you there.

Here’s the full lineup and the form to register.

-post by Michael Lagocki


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