Goat & three6t “Highest Low” official video release

Hey all.  Deb here.

A few months ago, I blogged about Goat & three6t’s latest CD release party to introduce “Mileage” to the world.  The album is a true hip hop work of art, involving a complex story and seriously righteous beats.  This, plus the crazy effort and heart that Goat puts into his music made this work not just something to bob your head to, but to open your mind with.

Here I am again to give you my take on the duo’s latest video release of “Highest Low”, just one of the stellar tracks available on the record.

“How low will you go to get as high as you can be?” – This is the first thought provoking inquiry that Goat poses to you, the listener.  What’s your answer?  Mine was, “Oh wow.  That’s REAL.”  To me, it brings images of junkies in the street injecting ignorant bliss, or kids getting screwed up and pushing limits like so many red buttons that they knew they should never have pushed.

Goat performing on our stage at the Deep Ellum Arts Festival

The video has images of its own for you to absorb, many including familiar faces to the Dallas art & music scene brandishing tattoo’s with similarly familiar words such as ‘corruption, ‘greed’, ‘lust’ and ‘hope’.   All of these human experiences that we ourselves are faced with on a regular basis certainly made me feel the music and its meaning.  Another message I found was the message to be thankful for how lucky we really are, even if only to remember the food that’s in our fridge and our family being there for us at the end of what can be a long and difficult ascension back up.

Goat and friends taping the video on top of South Side on Lamar

GOAT is a mnemonic device of sorts.  The letters stand for something, that something being “Grades of Absolute Truth”; but also Goat himself embodies such a device to me.  For those of you checking dictionary.com for what I might mean, let me help you out a bit.  A mnemonic device is a device that is used to help somebody remember something they are supposed to be learning.  We are all supposed to be learning right now, even if it is just remembering absolute truths that we were born to live.

Goat - Grades Of Absolute Truth

Go check out the video for “Highest Low” and see if you can remember one or two of those truths right now.


Deb Driscoll – Music Director, ArtLoveMagic


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