More pics from the Deep Ellum Arts Festival

Local photographer Vanessa Bates has been shooting some great images of our events lately. She came out to arts fest this week and took a few more gorgeous ones. Enjoy!

Audiences at our events are always encouraged to talk with the artists, ask them how and why they create what they do. This was the first time Casey Lott showed with us. Hopefully there will be many more.

Poindexter's set was ridiculous. He had a blast and the crowd really loved his sense of humor and social wit. Check out his vibe at

Jasna Boudard first showed with us at January's Underground show. Her model photography is so beautiful we asked her if she'd gather a few models and shoot live on site at Arts Fest.

Isaac may just be too talented. We love working with Isaac Davies who has become a key producer in artlovemagic in 2010.

David Rodriguez paints an image reminiscent of his Deep Ellum Art Park Statue at Commerce and Good Latimer.

All photos by Vaness Bates. Thanks!

–( now when are YOU going to do a show, Vanessa?)–


One Response to “More pics from the Deep Ellum Arts Festival”

  1. Poindexter came from the family name Poingdestre from the Isle of Jersey. Remember, Jersey is not part of the UK.

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